About Us

The Beginnings

Mahindra & Mahindra has a long and illustrious history of working with farmers across the globe. For the past few decades, Mahindra has been the go-to tractor maker for the Indian farmers and a decade ago it achieved the distinction of becoming world’s largest tractor company. That would have been the zenith for most other companies but not for Mahindra.

It saw the state of Indian Agriculture, the opportunity which it represented and the vacuum there was for organized intervention in this sector. Albeit, from global MNCs to homegrown players, to small SMEs, there were plentiful of players in Agriculture. What this sector lacked was a player who could integrate the myriad agriculture interventions into a cohesive solution for the farmer.

In 2011, Agri Business of Mahindra declared its vision to deliver Farm Tech Prosperity to farmers through end-to-end Avant Garde solutions across the Agricultural spectrum.

With a spread of businesses from Agri inputs, to agronomic advice, to buyback and market linkage, Mahindra Agri’s mantra is to help the farmers Rise.

Our Businesses

Our Seed Business provides superior quality seeds through our own indigenous R&D program in Hyderabad. Backed by a rich gene pool of seeds, partnerships with Global Genomics leaders and a dedicated R&D team, we have launched premium hybrid seeds in staples such as Rice and Corn. We also boast of a rich portfolio in vegetable seeds such as Hot Pepper, Okra, Melons, Tomatoes and others.

Our JV with Sumitomo corporation – Japan, Mahindra Summit, offers new generation Agri chemicals and biological products to manage pests, aid growth of plants, besides offering a whole host of crop care solutions. With a JV partner, who are known across the globe for their expertise in sourcing new age Agro-chemicals from leading Japanese Ag-chem giants, our crop care business is poised to deliver newer cutting-edge molecules for our Indian farmers

Mahindra HZPC, our joint venture with HZPC – Netherlands, global leaders in seed potatoes, provides global varieties of seed potatoes for our Indian farmers. With state-of-the-art Aeroponics Facility in Mohali, and another production facility in Palampur, MHZPC is able to multiply and deliver superior quality, virus-free seeds to our farmers and leading potato processing companies in India. The company’s portfolio boasts of over 22 varieties of seed potatoes across three distinct use cases – direct consumption or Table varieties , French Fries and Chips varieties.

Mahindra EPC Irrigation limited (MEIL) is our publicly listed Micro Irrigation company which was acquired in 2011 and has been present in the industry since past 4 decades. MEIL features amongst top 1000 companies of India by market cap and has shown performance which is worthy of a Multibagger.

Water is a scarce commodity in India and Agriculture is responsible for nearly 90% of water withdrawal for the nation. With monsoons being sub-par for the most part of the last decade, it’s imperative for the Indian farmer to shift to a judicious way to of irrigation. Micro Irrigation has been shown to not only save water by 50% but also increase productivity for our farmers. EPC provides industry leading, high-quality Drip Irrigation solutions and Sprinklers to our farmers. With its main production plant in Nasik, satellite plants in Baroda and Coimbatore, and a distribution network of 1000+ dealers, EPC covers the length and breadth of India.

It also has a robust presence in protected cultivation industry with its step-down subsidiary, Mahindra TOP Greenhouses Limited. This JV with TOP Greenhouses, Israel, has been able to bring cutting edge Polyhouse tech to Indian farmers at competitive prices and better protection against climate changes.

Market linkage has always been a challenge for our farmers and horticulture farmers are amongst the worst affected unbacked by the MSP schemes and facing the challenge of middlemen and unsupportive infrastructure.

Mahindra has sought to mitigate this by focusing on an underexplored avenue for our farmers – Exports. Our company works with more than 800 farmers in Nasik, Baramati and Sangli to enable them to export high quality Grapes with globally acceptable residue levels to destinations like Europe, China, UK, South East Asia and others. Through our brand Saboro, we extend a promise of safety, better eating quality and sustainable practices to our customers.

Not only through exports but Mahindra Agri also helps the Indian farmers through buyback of fruits like Bananas, Mangoes and Apples through our company Mahindra Greenyard Private Limited (MGPL). MGPL is a Joint Venture with Greenyard Ltd, a leader in Fruits and Vegetables and pioneers of distribution centers concept in Europe. MGPL, besides offering the best of locally grown fruits, also caters to the increasing demand from Indian customers for imported fruits like Apples, Pears, Citrus fruits, Kiwis, Dragon fruits etc. by leveraging the global supply chain network of Mahindra Agri, OFD and Greenyard.

Establishing a direct sales and marketing presence in our critical markets like Europe and China is imperative for the growth of not only our businesses but for Indian farmers at large. Towards this purpose, we acquired a fruit distribution company, OFD BV, in Netherlands in 2016. For the past 4 years, OFD has been working with us to open new avenues of exports for our farmers. With its sourcing arm in South America, OFS, and strategic partnerships in Africa, OFD also provides a longer supply window to cater to the year long demand of customers and ensure salience of brand Saboro in the eyes of our retail buyers.

We have also invested in MeraKisan a startup in the Organic food space. MeraKisan has carved its own niche in the up and coming organic food market of India and is known as a leading provider of pesticide free safe food sourced from certified organic farmers. With an association with 7000 farmers across India and several B2B and B2C2C partners, MeraKisan is making inroads into the organic space and growing it.

Through Saboro Dairy, Mahindra Agri reaches to more than 25 thousand households in Indore and Bhopal in India. Saboro has become a top five branded milk player in Indore and Bhopal cities just 4 years after its launch. With a rich portfolio of Pouch Milk, Buttermilk, Lassi, Curd, Ghee etc., Saboro has become a well-known brand in Madhya Pradesh appreciated for its quality.

Our Bedrock: Our People

Building a business with lofty ambitions is preceded by laying down a very robust and strong foundation. And the foundation of our organisation are its people.

“Building People before building Business” has been the motto of Mahindra Agri Business. Our unique signature programs cover a wide variety of skill enhancements programs like functional, behavioural, leadership and customized individual focused interventions making our Talent ready for new business scenarios and challenges.

Our CARES program, which stands for Careers, Alignment, Recognition, Empowerment and Strive, gives us an opportunity to meaningfully engage in a dialogue with our employees and implement actions to continuously raise our bar on making the workplace a Great Place to Work.

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The Leadership

Dr. Pawan Kumar Goenka

Managing Director – Mahindra & Mahindra
Chairman – Mahindra Agri Solutions

Mr. SP Shukla

Group President – Defence, Aero & Agri sector
Member – Group Executive Board, M&M Ltd

Mr. Ashok Sharma

President – Agri Business
MD & CEO – Mahindra Agri Solutions Ltd
Member – Group Executive Board, M&M Ltd

Unified by the diverse businesses catering to the Agriculture breadth and width, we are bound by one purpose – to Rise. Inspired by this spirit, our legacy and values, our goal to always positively impact our partners, stakeholders, communities, our employees and the world at large, remains unwavering.

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