Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG

Focus Crops
Cotton, Okra, Cabbage, Chilli, Brinjal, Chick Pea, Grapes

Mode of Action
Contact & stomach

Jassids, Aphids, Thrips, Brown Plant Hoppers, White Backed Plant, Hoppers

80-100 gm/acre

Key Features
Effective control of caterpillars by its contact and stomach poison action
It controls the caterpillars present on the lower surface of the leaves
Gives Quick Control

Mahamectin quickly dissolves in water & absorbed by plant
Mahamectin provides Quick control on all kind of caterpillars
Mahamectin Gives crop greenery & insure more yield
Apply Mahamectin in combination with Aartilo for complete insect control