What Is Our Business

OFD BV, headquartered in Rotterdam, is a fruit distribution company specialized in Citrus, Grapes and Pomegranates. Origin Fruit Direct  is a team player. It connects different companies and cultures in the supply chain in fruit.

It strongly believes that relationships are the key for success. Through its subsidiaries and partners, OFD BV has active operations across 4 Continents: Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.

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Our Supply Chain

OFD has long term relationships and contracts with growers and can market the whole tree. All fruit is handled and stored at Kloosterboer Cool Port with inhouse value added service by Cool Port Packing.

Our Synergy With Mahindra Agri

OFD BV helps Mahindra Agri in reaching European retail customers for Fruits sourced from India & Egypt. Further, OFD’s subsidiary, OFS Chile, helps Mahindra Agri in import of high quality fruits from South America and South Africa. This synergy not only helps in procurement, but also in learning and sharing best practices; whether they be in helping our partner farmers, growing process, quality, supply chain, etc.

The cross-pollination of ideas and working together leads to a great partnership and a great cross-functional , trans-continental team work and cultural assimilation.

About Cool Port Rotterdam

Cool Port Rotterdam is located in the heart of the Port of Rotterdam. It comprises of 40.000 pallets temperature controlled space and conducts 7000 m2 packing operations. It has been certified by BREAAM Outstanding certificate (solar panels, rainwater collection). Cool Port Rotterdam includes Daily Barge Connection between Deep sea terminal and Cool Port, Full service Logistic Centre with Focus on Fresh Produce, Optimisation of the supply chain for the Customers and it is tri-modally connected ( Vessel-Train-Truck).

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