What Is Our Business

Mahindra – HZPC is one of the leading Indian Seed Potato Company. With a tie-up with HZPC, Holland B.V in 2014 , it has leveraged advanced technical and agronomic expertise and has been able to introduce newer superior varieties. It has opened global markets for Indian Farmers.

Founded in 1898 and based in The Netherlands, HZPC is a global market leader in seed potato trading, innovative breeding and concept development. It operates in 19+ countries and exports to 90+ countries. Mahindra HZPC is into production of Mini Tubers & Potatoes for Table, French Fries and Chips.

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How Are We Different

Our Competitive advantage is attained via access to differentiated products from HZPC Holland to address the need gaps in potato value chain and this sets us apart from rest of the industry.

Our state-of-the-art, an ISO – 9001- 2015 certified, DBT approved Aeroponics facility was started in Nov-2016 in Mohali.

This facility grows plants suspended in a closed environment, without the use of soil. This technology provides necessary nutrients to the plants through spraying atomized nutrient-rich water to the dangling roots. Due to this, we are able to cultivate under controlled environment and avoid all pathogens that come through Soil Cultivation.

What Is Our Infrastructure

Mahindra HZPC has a 5 Acre state-of-the-art Seed Potato Aeroponics unit and Tissue culture Lab at Mohali. This entire facility is DBT approved. Mahindra HZPC has 150 acres of Hi Tech corporate seed farm at Punjab and UP with more than 450 growers under contract farming program to produce high quality Potato seeds.

What Is Our Offering



  • Early maturity and tubulisation
  • High yielder table variety
  • Very attractive bright skin
  • Early skin set and adaptable
    to different climates


  • High yielding table variety
  • Broad Adaptation
  • Low nitrogen requirement
  • Attractive skin


  • Chips variety with long term storage capability
  • High yield
  • Dry matter 22-23%
  • Suitable for various type of soils


  • Big bold tubers
  • Attractive red skin
  • Good yield
  • Good at storage


  • High yielder
  • Dual purpose variety, Suitable for French Fries and Table purpose
  • Adaptable for wide type of soils
  • Good at storage


  • Russet skin French Fry variety
  • Excellent frying quality
  • Dry matter 20-21%, uniform blocky tubers
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