Our Business

The importance of quality seeds has been recognized from time immemorial. The old scripture, Manu Smriti says Subeejam Sukshetre Jayate Sampadyathe i.e., good seed in good soil yields abundantly.

Our vision is to deliver superior genetics resilient to climate change across wider geographies for sustainable food, nutrition, and economic security, fostering customer delight thereby enabling farmers to RISE.

Mahindra Agri’s Seeds Business has established R&D programs in Rice, Corn and Pearl Millet in Field Crops and Hot pepper, Tomato, Okra and Watermelon in the vegetables. The wide testing network in targeted environment, the sustained efforts of increasing the genetic gain for traits of importance and incremental investments in research has enabled identification of superior resilient hybrids and research varieties in Rice, Corn and vegetables suitable for different agro-climatic zones of India. The Company has also technological collaboration with some of the leading technology partners for access to cutting edge technologies for crop improvement and reduce time to market. Given the focus on quality, technology & strong brand image, the company is well on course to become one of the leading brands for Hybrids seeds in the Indian market, making its small contribution to delivering prosperity to farmers in the country.

Key Differentiators

Mahindra Seeds are unique in the sense of developing unique proprietary genetics. At a broader perspective we are focused towards climate change & food security and work collaboratively towards sustainable agriculture.

We comprehend technology interventions for assured increase in productivity to farmers inclusive of crop solutions & farm management.

Our Offering

We offer a variety of products ranging from field crops like Rice (Hybrid and Research), Corn, Pearl Millet to fresh, superior quality Vegetables like Hot Pepper, Okra, Tomato, Melons, Gourds and Coriander.

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Our Assets

R&D Infrastructure:

  • Crop Breeding and Research Farms: 50 Ac in Hyderabad
  • State of the Art Biotechnology and Molecular Breeding Laboratory in Hyderabad
  • Climate controlled Automated Polyhouse for Trait Introgression activities

Regional Research and Testing Network:

Multiple locations in various states covering all Agro-climatic zones of importance in India.

Product Development

The trials and testing of research identified products is conducted in farmers field under the supervision of highly skilled and trained technical product development staff across geographies to meet the business requirement. This helps in fitment of the products in different segment and enables us to go for successful launches in the targeted geographies.

Along with data collection and analysis, observations by the team and feedback from farmers are given the utmost importance for advancement of products.




Seed production

MASL produce hybrid seeds in field and vegetable crops through more than 4000 registered farmers / contract growers spread across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Punjab. The production is carried out through robust system of Seed Production monitored with digital app M-Seeds by the qualified and experienced Agri-professionals.

Supply Chain


The essential seed conditioning activities for value addition to transform raw seeds to marketable seeds are being carried out at custom and inhouse seed processing set up having total capacity of 25000 MT / annum.


MASL is driven by principle of “Quality First”. The company has robust and stringent quality management system with Mahindra Quality Standard as a norm and the QA policy as goal to assure quality at various stages of seeds chain. The MASL’s Seed Testing Laboratory located at Hyderabad follows ISTA rules for Seed Testing.

Sales and Marketing

We have our presence in 3 countries, 15 states in India and have a strength of 180+ quality sales force with 700+ enthusiastic channel partners catering to more than 6 lac farmers and making its contribution in increasing crop yields and farm income thereby delivering prosperity to the farming community.

Farmers first Approach

A subtotal of 6 lakhs+ farmers, 3000+ Mahanayaks and 250 Saarthis are trained for innovative crop production practices to attain higher productivity and we aim at 20 lakhs + farmers in next 2 years.

In every village the MAHANAYAKs are well trained for agronomic practices who act as information kiosk for farmers.

SAARTHI acts as an Influencer for fellow farmers promoting the benefits of Mahindra’s seed portfolio and ensuring that the product is available at the fellow farmer’s doorstep.

Farmer engagements & brand recall activities are carried out at regular intervals at Village Level through Crop Shows, Village level meetings (VLMs) & door to door campaigns.

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