PROJECT DESCRIPTION/PURPOSE: Mahindra Summit Agriscience Ltd. (“MSAL”) intends to work with Enterprising Farmers to take help on training other farmers and for Product Promotions and for this intends to engage/appoint “Saarthi/s” as promoter/s of MSAL products. The said Saarthi shall facilitate in creating an additional channel for demand generation and increasing reach of distribution of the products of MSAL (“Purpose”). The said Saarthi shall work along with the authorised distributors of MSAL.

I, being an authorised distributor of MSAL, wish to associate with MSAL for the said Purpose.

I hereby understand, acknowledge and agree that the below-mentioned terms and conditions shall be applicable to me and that I shall be bound by the same throughout the continuity of the project for the said Purpose.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. I hereby agree to extend full and unconditional support to MSAL and the said Saarthis for this Purpose.
  2. I understand and agree that the said Saarthi is not involved in selling of products in any way, and is merely acting as a promoting agent for himself/ herself and Mahindra
  3. I shall ensure that appropriate measures are taken to restrict the said Saarthi/s from engaging into any sort of direct unauthorised sales of MSAL’s products to farmers.
  4. These measures include but are not limited to, appropriate billing in the name of end consumer and not supplying in quantity which is in excess to what is demanded.
  5. I shall only deal in cash transactions with the Saarthis. I shall not engage with Saarthi or farmers to whom Saarthi has promoted products (Fellow Farmer) in any credit transaction under this project.
  6. MSAL shall not in any way whatsoever be responsible for any dispute/ complaint arising out of non-payment of credit with Saarthis or Fellow Farmers nor it will compensate the distributor for the credit given.
  7. I shall pack the products for each Fellow Farmer, with an invoice in the name of the respective Fellow Farmer.
  8. I agree to have a discussion with the said Saarthis about incentive to be provided to the said Saarthi in return for services offered by them. MSAL’s role would be limited to act as an facilitator for conversation between the said Saarthis and distributor.
  9. I agree to provide the incentives in a timely manner, with proper documentation and taxation in place.
  10. MSAL shall not be responsible for any dispute or legal proceedings arising out of payment/ non-payment/ payment documentation of incentives given/ to be given to Saarthis.
  11. I agree to tally/approve/ disapprove (as per actual situation) proof of sales uploaded by Saarthis provided on mobile app.
  12. I agree not to approve/ report any sales, which has not been done because of promotional efforts of Saarthis.
  13. I shall not promote any of the competitor’s product through Saarthi.
  14. For the products promoted to Saarthis, Distributor will not get any additional discount from MSAL.
  15. MSAL at its own discretion may give incentive to distributors for their support extended for the Saarthi project. I shall not claim any such incentive as a matter of right.
  16. I understand that the said Incentive will be given in form of a credit note only.
  17. If I intend to appoint additional Saarthis, the appointment must be done on the mobile app only, pursuant to an appropriate discussion between Saarthi and MSAL’s Territory Manager/ Regional Manager.
  18. I shall maintain strict confidentiality with respect to the project and shall not share the data or any information received and/or collected by me with any unauthorised person.
  19. I hereby indemnify and shall keep indemnified MSAL, its affiliates and their respective officers, employees, directors, agents, representatives from and against any and all actions, claims, proceedings, suits, demands, losses, costs etc., arising out of or related to the said project.

“Consent for Data”

I have been informed that submitting my personal information is voluntary and is for the purposes of the M-Saarthi project and the services offered by MSAL. For this purpose, I give my consent to be contacted by MSAL and its affiliates and their authorized representatives.

For the above purpose, I hereby give my free consent to MSAL and its affiliates and their authorized representatives for the below personal data/information (“Personal Information”):

  • my name, address, contact details, driving license or other government issued identification documents (Aadhar card/ PAN Card/ Passbook) and any other information which may be provided by me;
  • data about my farming related activities (e.g. crop type, farmland size, etc.);
  • Bank details (Account No., IFSC Code, Bank Name, Cancelled Cheque)
  • any other information submitted by me about about myself

which may be collected, processed and used by MSAL and its affiliates and their authorized representatives and shared amongst themselves.

I understand that the information generally may be used for the purpose of providing me agri related advisory, services and offers by MSAL and/or its affiliates and/or their authorized representatives based on the information as provided by me. I also understand that MSAL may for its analytical procedures use my data to assess my interests in the products of MSAL and/or its affiliate/group companies and the market trends.

I hereby also consent to:

  1. disclosure, transfer and sharing of my information by MSAL with its subsidiaries and affiliate/group companies, their authorized representatives and third-party service providers, agents of MSAL for the purposes of processing it for their use.
  2. disclose my information to the statutory authorities, government agencies and statutory auditors, which may be demanded or required by them in performance of their statutory duties.
  3. MSAL and/or affiliates and/or their authorized representatives for checking my credit score which can be used to provide me the services mentioned in my consent.


That I hereby append my signature to give my express and free consent to Mahindra Summit Agriscience Limited and its affiliates and their authorized representatives for using my personal data/information for the purposes mentioned in this Consent for Data. That I have read and understood the content of the Consent for Data/the content of this Consent for Data has been translated and explained to me in the language known to me.